like I promise...

why I ride a bike? why I'm vegan? why I don't wear leather and fur?


Sokol and Gustaw

another forgotten photo, NYC Bus Station


forgotten photo, NYC Critical Mass

friend's street jam

Lakme from Prague

I'm lucky that I found friends that still prefere riots then diets, bikes then cars, tattoos then bodybuilding, cooking then drinking, tofu then fast food...


in the truck

In last ten days I've made about 4000 km around country, because of my work. Huge trip, but with Austin Lucas (from Bloomington, Indiana) in my player it's just nothing. I feel like true drifter. Yeah!

I discover lately that some internet nerds really waiting for some new photos on this site, so I decided to show less at one time, but more often. I hope You will enjoy it.

Friend from Sweden

A place I call home recently

Wild East